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Jen Hanson, ADHD COACH


Do you have ADHD?

I’m an ADHD coach who collaborates with adults 25+ to recognize their innate strengths,  opening the door to personal growth. My practice leverages the latest neuro-scientific research, strategies, and tools developed for the ADHD brain, bringing awareness, resilience and empowerment. 

I happily provide referrals for clients younger than 25

“You don’t inspire people by revealing your super powers; you inspire by helping them reveal their own super powers”

— Alexander den Heijer

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Meet your ally and coach!

Let me tell you a little about myself... I am currently a professionally certified life coach (PCC) and professionally certified ADHD Coach (PCAC). I have taken the most extensive ADHD training program available and have been actively coaching ADHD clients for the last 2 years. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed by you're diagnosis of ADHD, I want to help YOU!

I have 23 years of experience as an RN, certified in critical care (CCRN). What does that say about me? I love a challenge, have excellent critical thinking skills and I am good in a crisis! I bring my unique perspective informed by my education in pharmacology, psychology, and human development to my ADHD coaching practice. 

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The Tidy Revival Podcast invited me to discuss the challenges ADHD presents for home organization, and approaches that can help.

I am originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, and was raised in a multicultural family. Many of my interests stem from my upbringing: cooking, music, dancing, and travel. My husband and I have 2 tween daughters and a family bulldog fur-child named “Maggie.” In addition, we have a multigenerational home. It's been a wonderful support for all to have three generations in our house. Both my husband and I are small business owners in Minneapolis.

My life journey has landed me right here, bringing all my lessons from struggles, experiences, and gifts of openness, kindness, and zest to my passion of coaching you! 

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"I have been working with Jen for the better part of this past year. What started out as looking for resources for my daughter with ADHD, has been a journey to finally address my own ADHD. Jen has been an amazing sounding board and has pointed out things that hadn't ever occurred to me. I love her positive approach and focus on strengths. I feel like I've had so much personal growth over the past year. I can't recommend her enough!"

- G.B., Registered Nurse

Proudly affiliated with the following organizations: 

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