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Myself and Colleagues at Guatemala Surgery

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My Professional Journey

I bring 23 years of medical experience as an RN with a Bachelor of Science, certified in critical care (CCRN), and multiple other modes. I have an educational background that includes human development, psychology, neuroscience, and pharmacology. 

In 2021, I did some soul-searching about my true passions, and my heart

guided me to those who struggle with the stigma and challenges of ADHD. So I decided to find the best school for ADHD life coaches and signed up! My training has been outstanding!  My training included all aspects of the ADHD brain's neuroscience and tools and resources on how to discover and access the gifts of this neuro-diverse population. My studies include specific ADHD training in adults, family, ethics, and personal transformation. I am ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

My approach to coaching is to build character strength through science-based techniques. My practice is steeped in the neuroscience surrounding the ADHD brain; what causes it, and exploring client-driven strategies to address barriers. 

As an RN with ADHD, and a parent of two ADHD-diagnosed kids, I bring empathy and practical knowledge to my coaching strategies adults can discover their inner resilience. Most importantly, I offer a safe, non-judgmental space to support clients.  

Though trained in all aspects of ADHD challenges, I take special interest in “Inattentive ADHD”, which is often misunderstood and lesser diagnosed, especially in women and girls. I also have a special interest in LGBTQIA clients, and mothers who are professionals both communities greatly affected by this diagnosis. 

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